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ShipperHQ Supports Magento Commerce Merchants as Official Provider of Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

Our collaboration with Adobe as the official provider of Magento Commerce shipping solutions reinforces the importance of personalized and flexible shipping offers – and will allow even more merchants to grow their businesses.

ShipperHQ, the leading shipping rate management platform for online retailers, today announced its selection as the official pre-purchase shipping technology solution for existing Magento Shipping merchants.

Focused solely on the pre-purchase experience, ShipperHQ’s powerful shipping software takes a merchant’s unique business logic and optimizes the rates and delivery options that customers see at checkout. Tens of thousands of merchants have used ShipperHQ’s complete solution to transform their shipping strategy and get the most accurate rates possible since the company launched in 2015.

“One-stop shipping will no longer suffice in a post-pandemic world where e-commerce adoption continues to accelerate,” Karen Baker, Founder / CEO of ShipperHQ.

“Every buying scenario is different, and so are a merchant’s goals and shipping requirements. The demand for fast and affordable shipping is also greater than ever. Investing in innovation at the cash register is no longer a good to have, but essential for B2B and B2C merchants. Our collaboration with Adobe as the official provider of Magento Commerce shipping solutions reinforces the importance of personalized and flexible shipping offerings – and will enable even more merchants to grow their businesses.

ShipperHQ’s ten-year partnership with Magento Commerce began with the launch of the company’s popular WebShopApps shipping extensions. Designed to address a variety of shipping variables, these extensions quickly became a staple in the Magento ecosystem, eventually evolving into the extensive and unique experience of the platform known today as ShipperHQ.

The software company’s long-standing partnership with Magento Commerce also continued to evolve after the Adobe acquisition in 2018, most recently with its announcement as an Accelerate partner in the Adobe Exchange partner program.

“We are excited to partner with ShipperHQ to bring their market-leading pre-purchase shipping experience technology to existing Magento Shipping customers,” said Andy Barker, Director of Product Management, Transact & Fulfill at Adobe.

“ShipperHQ seamlessly delivers a highly configurable, multi-carrier shipping rule and packaging solution that merchants need to deliver the personal shipping experiences their customers demand, in the most efficient and optimized way. for their business. ”

With ShipperHQ’s unified shipping rate management platform, merchants can increase their bottom line with flexible shipping rates, powerful features, and convenient delivery choices tailored to the way they do business. Through this collaboration, existing Magento Shipping merchants also have access to ShipperHQ’s enhanced checkout, an out-of-the-box Amazon-style checkout experience powered by PWA that includes time slot delivery, a date picker schedule, split shipping capabilities and a robust order view.

Magento Commerce merchants integrated with ShipperHQ can:

  • Execute a fully customized shipping strategy with rules based on real world logic
  • Use shipping as a marketing tool by deploying dynamic and timely promotions
  • Give customers transparent shipping details with actual delivery dates
  • Offer convenient delivery options at checkout like curbside and alternative pickup
  • Improve efficiency with instant LTL freight rates for bulky, bulky or heavy items
  • Save money by validating address type, automatically selecting the best box for orders, managing rates from all shipping origins and more

About ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ’s shipping rate management platform enables online merchants to optimize their payment experience with the most comprehensive and scalable shipping rates and delivery options for every shopping scenario they have. you can imagine. Integrated with more than 50 carriers, our platform offers thousands of merchants the most accurate shipping rates possible.

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