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Mark Lavelle Named CEO as Former Magento / Adobe, and Sallie Mae Executives Join Disruptive Shipping Startup X Delivery | Texas News

AUSTIN, Texas, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – X Delivery is the premier national ocean carrier established in over 50 years. It is technology-based and designed to help high-volume D2C e-commerce brands grow. Over the past year, X has increased his monthly income tenfold and has a growing team. Some of the most innovative players in the tech and parcel industry are joining X Delivery to build the new era of shipping.

X Delivery is pleased to announce the addition of Marc Lavelle as CEO and three additions to its management team. Founder and former CEO Chris Guggenheimassumes the role of executive chairman of the board of directors of X Delivery.

  • Marc Lavelle, CEOMarc Lavelle has over 20 years of experience growing businesses at the intersection of commerce, payments and internet technology. He is the co-founder, president and CEO of Deep Lake Capital. Previously, Mark was Senior Vice President of Commerce at Adobe following the $ 1.7 billion acquisition of Magento where he was CEO. Other leadership positions include eBay and PayPal. Mark was the co-founder of Bill Me Later, the first BNPL company of its kind, which is now part of PayPal.
  • Jason woosley, senior vice president of products and technologyJason woosley is a global technology executive, most recently vice president of Commerce Product & Platform at Adobe. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Magento. He has held leadership roles at SmarterHQ, Volusion, and He has a BBA of University of Texas Austin and MBA from MIT.
  • Peter Sheldon, vice-president of strategy and business developmentPeter Sheldon is an experienced marketing strategy executive. He was Senior Director of Business Strategy at Adobe after serving as Vice President of Strategy at Magento. Prior to that, he was vice president of Forrester Research. He holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Strathclyde.
  • Brian carpe, Financial directorBrian carpe is an experienced financial executive who was previously SVP of FP&A at Sallie Mae. Prior to that, he was Controller at Credit One Financial Solutions and Division Controller at Barclaycard. He has a BS of State of pennsylvania and an MBA from Temple University.

“Customers want their packages faster than ever. Premium style delivery has set the bar high, making the delivery experience as important as product selection or payment. Unfortunately, now that marketers are seeing an explosion in demand for e-commerce experiences, incumbent carriers are limiting capacity, raising prices, and reversing a brand experience, ”explained Chris Guggenheim, founder and executive chairman of X. His solution? “We have built a one-of-a-kind national carrier platform that unleashes almost unlimited capacity to provide high-quality, flexible and seamless delivery to our customers and their customers. I am delighted that this group of seasoned executives is joining the team to help us fulfill our mission of reinventing delivery. ”

Why are major ecommerce brands moving to X delivery?

If your business ships over 500 packages a day, you need to know why today’s high-growth brands are moving to X delivery:

  • X provides nationwide e-commerce delivery. You don’t need to create your own first, middle and last mile logistics solution.
  • Warehouse-to-customer. X Delivery streamlines shipments nationwide, reducing the need to store inventory in multiple warehouses.
  • An intelligent network connected to the PLC enables sophisticated routing that reduces transit time and increases profitability.
  • X Delivery creates a clear, real-time tracking experience, helping customers stay connected to their customers.
  • We make delivery in 2 days the gold standard. X Delivery is obsessed with customer satisfaction and believes that all shipments should arrive in 2 days or less.
  • Reduce emissions by up to 70% in the middle of the mile. X Delivery has freed up unused capacity within the national airline network to reduce emissions compared to inefficient hub carriers.??
  • It’s easy to get started! X works with major shipping software you may already be using and partners with proven shipping partners to transport, sort, fly and deliver to your customers

Click here to see the management team of X.

?? Analysis conducted by the Global Supply Chain Laboratory of the Read Center of Texas A&M

About delivery X

X Delivery connects high-volume e-commerce brands to undiscovered shipping options nationwide. X Delivery streamlines the shipping process with technology, reliability, speed and price. We leverage supply chain assets on the move, from empty warehouses to local delivery services, and connect them to new technologies. By connecting to our API, customers have access to multiple delivery options from anywhere in the country that out-of-the-box shipping technology platforms do not offer.

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