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How to integrate a point of sale system with inventory management software on Magento?

Many marketers and retailers find it difficult to integrate POS with inventory management as well as manage inventory effectively on Magento. This article will help you find your solution in just a few minutes!

What is POS?

Point of sale or point of sale is a point of purchase where customers make payment for their goods or products that they purchase. In addition, this is also where the tax for this purchase could be due. It can be an offline store where a point of sale system is used to process card payment or an online store with virtual purchases where customers use laptops or mobile devices. Marketers and retailers use POS to attract their customers. This strategy is common among businesses to help them stay competitive.

What is Magento Inventory Management?

As an intensive e-commerce platform, Magento has all the basic features like catalog management, content management, sales management as well as reporting and analytics. As a result, businessmen can easily start their e-commerce journey in a short time. At the same time, Magento also has an ecosystem containing lots of features to support mobile business for those companies that are developing intensive systems.

There are 9 basic features of Magento: Category Management, Content Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, System Management, Customer Management, Inventory Management, and Reporting. Inventory management helps to easily populate the supply chain with inventory management tools and direct shipments to the correct warehouses. It actively monitors the quantity of goods available in each warehouse (by product group, by brand, by product code, by origin), so it is easy to source goods accurately and quickly.

How to integrate a point of sale with Magento inventory management?

Every business has to deal with managing a large number of orders. Therefore, POS is highly required not only to quickly fulfill customer orders but also to integrate with inventory management software. So how can this association be successful? How to integrate POS system with inventory management software specifically in Magento?

There are only 3 steps to integrate POS system with Magento inventory management:

Step 1: Select POS inventory integration for Magento merchants

There are many POS systems you can choose from, but you need to make sure you choose the right POS system designed to integrate with inventory management. Finding a POS system is easy, but you can also easily get a headache when setting it up if you don’t choose the right POS for your store.

Step 2: Choose a third-party integration or have an expert set it up for your store

Retail businesses should be aware that there is no direct integration with the POS point of sale system. Therefore, it is necessary for you to hire an expert to solve every problem in your store. Good news for retailers is that many vendors suggest using an omnichannel solution which is a single system to help centralize all orders, inventory or purchases for online and offline stores. It’s absolutely practical when you have a module including POS and inventory management instead of buying sporadically then you have to do a whole thing to set it up and risk ruining your shop. And Magestore is a good provider for you to set up this integration easily. With Magento POS and inventory management, you can easily track your orders, manage your services or products, track customer loyalty, and take control of your inventory.

Step 3: Create your own integration

You can also configure your own customer module for your store. However, this is not an easy idea to implement as it requires you to have access to and control of your POS system’s API, which seems complicated when you are not familiar with technical things or softwares.

These 3 steps are designed for marketers or retailers who are struggling to integrate POS with inventory management in Magento. After 3 steps above, if you still don’t know how to manage inventory effectively on Magento, feel free to seek help with an omnichannel solution from Magestore where you can sync POS system, management inventory and e-commerce.