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GoodFirms has recognized Zealous System as the Magento Development Market Leader for the year 2022

Zealous System has been named the Magento Development Industry Leader for 2022 by GoodFirms.

GoodFirmsa Washington, DC-based B2B research, assessment and evaluation platform, has developed GoodFirms’ flagship Leader Matrix algorithm that helps them identify diverse market leaders, experts, trendsetters and future achievers in a specific technology.

GoodFirms recently released its latest list of such categories for Magento development capabilities. The announcement was made on the official GoodFirms social media account on October 14, 2022 under the caption “2022 Magento development companies Leaders.”

E-commerce is disrupting the world with the growing popularity, convenience, and personalized experiences that marketers are delivering to customers. With Magento at the forefront, it is one of the most widely adopted open source e-commerce platforms by businesses around the world.

With the growing need for personalization and the digital success of brands, businesses big and small are betting their money on their Magento eCommerce stores that can help them better serve their customers and gain a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing global retail market.

Magento has been people’s favorite due to its scalability, micro-customization capabilities, and niche targeting functionality and flexibility. With Magento gaining traction among businesses from many different domains, there has been a high demand for Magento customization, implementation and development service providers.

But, to ensure that organizations get what they want and that they can get the required level of customization, localization and integrations to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience, the challenge enterprises face is ‘obtain a Magento development partner who has the required business understanding as well as technical skills.

Without a good understanding of business, organizations would not be able to leverage their Magento stores and would not be able to get the ideal ROI in the long run. So, to help their corporate clients connect with the right custom software development partnerGoodFirms has published the list of Magento Development Market leaders. zealous system was listed as a top market leader on GoodFirms for the year 2022.

Discuss the ranking and shortlisting process for GoodFirms, the researchers took a much more rigorous approach and looked at the 360° performance evaluation process. To determine the best Magento development companiesIT service providers were evaluated based on the quality they delivered and how they embraced the harshness and rewards of Magento e-commerce development market.

Apart from GoodFirms, zealous system has also been ranked and recognized in software and other development technologies on different review platforms such as Clutch and Hindu (a premium print newspaper from India).

zealous system has been a customer-centric company and their efforts can be seen in their case studies and the testimonials their customers have left on their website and review platforms. Such is the impact of Zealous System on the IT service provider market and the CEO of zealous system was recently invited by GoodFirms for their Leaders’ Roundtable Podcast. In this podcast, Pranjal Mehta discussed the reasons “why software projects fail and the steps Zealous System takes to ensure the success of software development projects”.

Along with having a global customer base, the organization also has one of the best pools of resources for different technologies. The organization listens to its employees and has created a harmonious environment in its workplaces. Their human capital management and policies have also made zealous system a certified Great place to work!

The organization celebrates its 10th year market dominance. To learn more about the company’s capabilities and environment, value-driven offerings and technology expertise, customers can visit their website and connect with their representatives for a detailed discussion.