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6 Best Magento 2 Extensions That Integrate With REST API

Every business owner knows that Magento 2 extensions are the bulletproof way to customize and tailor your store to your customers’ needs. Now Magento 2 extensions support REST API which provides even more room for customization and flexibility. Access top-notch customization extension development services to transform and upgrade your online store.

Meanwhile, in this article, we will talk about Magento 2 extensions that provide important features for e-commerce business owners. With this extension and the ability to involve third parties through the REST API, you will transform your business.

Magento 2 Advanced Report

No more worrying about how to deal with all the data, such as sales, profit or costs. If you have an online store, you know that processing and analyzing this data takes a lot of time. With Magento 2 advanced reporting feature, it becomes much easier for you.

Its main goal is to provide business owners with simple and easy-to-use tools to gain insight into business details. You can use over 25 different report types, choosing the one that best suits your business. Additionally, you can export data for further use and use profit calculation tools to automatically measure your profits.

Magento 2 Product Tags

The main purpose of this extension is to help customers navigate your website. For example, when a customer searches for specific products, having tags refines the search results and speeds up the process. Needless to say, convenient navigation and a superior customer experience are two factors that lead to increased sales.

With the REST API, you can connect countless product tags to your website, regardless of the type of goods or services you provide. Other key features include the ability to view product labels either on the sidebar or on separate pages with product features.

You can also create custom tags, such as free shipping or discount tags, to attract new customers and make the experience more personalized. Having unique tags will help grab customer attention and increase sales.

You can also easily manage all product tags, add new ones, edit and delete old ones, according to your online store’s current needs.

Magento 2 Marketplace

With the help of this extension, you can turn your online store into a marketplace. Since the REST API has been integrated into the Magento 2 Marketplace extension, it means that you can now connect your store to many other goods and services. With this extension, you have the opportunity to turn your online store into a powerful marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

As for the features of this extension, you get detailed reports, a convenient system of daily transactions and personalized commissions. You will have full control over your platform activity, such as deal details, different commissions for different vendors, etc.

Magento 2 out of stock notification

Spare your customers and don’t have them browsing your site daily, looking for specific products or items. With this extension, your customers will be kept up to date with product information available at all times.

The REST API allows third-party software to access information about your stock market data. Among the main features, a convenient notification system allows customers to set the notifications they want. For example, notifications about sales and discounts, price adjustments, and products that are about to sell out.

Customers can also choose how they want to receive notifications: via email or other acceptable communication channels. You can also alert each client manually, but with dozens of notifications waiting to be sent, it’s much easier to set it up automatically.

Magento store credit 2

Refunds are a complicated but unavoidable part of running an online business. Many managers find it difficult to manage refunds and management fees, especially when these issues arise unexpectedly. This extension allows you to turn return shipping costs into store credit that customers can use for other purchases. Instead of managing the complex process of returning the money, you can keep them running and also ensure that your customers come back to your store.

The features of this extension also include the ability to forward store credit to friends or family members of users. This way, even if customers had no intention of returning to your store, you can still keep the money in the store and even gain new customers. Customers can also buy credit in the credit value section and use it for future purchases.

Magento 2 FAQs

With an informative and accurate FAQ section, your customer support team will have fewer hassles and issues to deal with. Try to answer the most common questions about products, catalogs, payment options, shipping methods, etc. With the REST API, you can use third parties to create FAQ content and get questions and answers in Answers.

This extension allows you to display the FAQ section on the product pages, and each customer will be able to leave questions and receive answers from you and other users. A search function also allows you to search for specific information in the questions. You can also organize questions into different categories and create separate spaces for different discussion topics.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all. There are many extensions to choose from to tailor your website to the needs of your online business. And with the REST API, you have even more possibilities to customize your store.

Finding the right development team to work with is essential for a successful implementation of the many Magento 2 extensions. They will not only help you install and manage the extensions properly, but also advise you on which one will benefit you the most. and that will only slow down your store.