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11 Why Magento 2 is Good for Your Ecommerce Business

After making the life-changing decision to move your business online, choosing the right technology to build your online store is the second most essential step to take. There are many e-commerce platforms in the market. They provide a secure and user-friendly environment for the development of online stores. Out of all the options available, successful online store owners choose Magento as their top e-commerce platform. With its latest release, Magento 2, the e-commerce industry has taken to the next level. Nowadays, it is the absolute favorite of B2B and B2C companies as it provides online store owners with relevant tools to reach their customers. Here are several undeniable arguments why Magento 2 is an excellent choice to develop your online business.

1. Advanced Search Tool

Modern customers are tech-savvy, impatient and short on time. They don’t want to browse through thousands of products, read long descriptions, and get lost in the abundance of options. Nowadays, most of the customers make extensive use of the search tool to set proper filters and find the products they are interested in faster. Others prefer to search by keyword, phrase or even image.

Magento 2 allows you to create an online store that supports all these search options, regardless of its size. However, to ensure that they work properly, you should consider seeking the advice of a Magento 2 development company.

2. User-friendly and intuitive navigation

Nowadays, customer experience is a critical factor for the success of any business. As a merchant, you need to make sure your online store is simple and user-friendly. Users should effortlessly perform activities such as adding products to cart, checking prices, choosing a payment method, and checkout.

The good news is that Magento 2 provides online store owners with thousands of templates to install and use right away. Competing e-commerce platforms like OpenCart also offer themes. However, in the OpenCart vs. Magento 2 rivalry, the latter wins thanks to its professionally designed and responsive templates.

3. Integration with other technologies

To run a successful eCommerce website, merchants need to integrate them with multiple systems. Magento 2 makes it possible to manage inventory, customer contacts and payments by integrating the online store with CRM and ERP systems. The process is quick and simple due to the availability of APIs.

4. Improved Security

Usually, e-commerce platforms contain a large amount of customer and payment information. Therefore, security should be the number one priority for online store owners.

Magento 2 provides a secure platform for developing e-commerce stores. Its security system is constantly monitored and improved to ensure the uninterrupted operation of online stores.

5. Optimization for Internet

Once you’ve created your e-commerce store, you don’t want to hide it from potential customers. They should be able to search the internet for it and discover your website among the results. Magento 2 provides merchants with all the tools to make their online stores visible to popular search engines. For each product page, you can define keywords, write engaging titles and informative descriptions.

6. Special features for B2B companies

B2B companies differ from companies dealing directly with customers. Magento 2 offers multiple features for B2B businesses.

  • The platform allows companies to create personalized price lists. They can restrict the visibility of certain products according to their category or their prices.

  • The next great feature for B2B businesses is credit limits. Online stores built on Magento 2 can store payment history and based on this set credit limits.

  • Instead of adding to cart and buying, B2B companies can negotiate the price of the product and request a quote.

  • Since a single person cannot deal with many customers, Magento 2 allows assigning multiple administrators to handle order approval processes.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Magento 2 is a top-notch e-commerce platform. It provides online merchants with a reliable environment to grow their business.

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