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10 pros and cons of choosing Magento for your online store

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Today, many work in the field of e-commerce. Doing business is greatly simplified when a person is open to various systems that help control and manage content, including open source. These days, a few clicks of a computer mouse can change a lot of things in online business, including bringing a company to the TOP of the best. Therefore, when in need of magento support and maintenance, a competent solution would be to contact expert and knowledgeable IT specialists. Using technology, they will be able to administer the web resource and perform other relevant tasks in the business process.

What are the advantages of Magento technology?

Since the whole world has shifted to using mobile devices, it is beneficial for any business to create web applications and online resources based on comfortable, convenient and as simple as possible to manage systems that can work in a user interface adapted for smart phones. But at the same time, it is important to choose the right technology. One of the software you should pay attention to is the popular Magento platform.

It has valuable TOP-5 characteristics that will play a key role when choosing:

1. Maximum flexibility

Naturally, we are talking about open-source code, how can we do without it? Today, most web programs are created based on open source code, which is quite comfortable when working with digital products in the future. The flexibility of the technology lies in the fact that a computer scientist can modify the code without any problem or difficulty, rewrite it, add more functionalities and tools, if necessary. In addition, Magento allows the integration of third parties (for this there can be several purposes), which therefore facilitates the visualization and analysis of the functioning of an online resource. In addition, using the platform, the specialist receives information data in real time.

2. Multifunctionality

A number of well-known options are not available on other analog platforms. This speaks not only of the versatility of Magento, but also of the open opportunities:

  • Management of several online stores at the same time;
  • Support for multiple locations at once;
  • Implementation of two different languages ​​at once;
  • Fix the cost, for example, for wholesale and retail, or for ordinary and VIP customers;
  • Installation of several types of currencies and many other interesting options in general.

3. Huge community

Community support is very important. Therefore, when choosing a platform on the basis of which a web product will be developed, experienced programmers are immediately guided by the question of whether they can get help from other IT specialists in the event of a sudden situation where they fail or need additional help. Thanks to the huge community, it is possible not only to draw inspiration from the work of other specialists, but also to ensure the timely fulfillment of one’s duties on a particular business project, receiving timely and valuable support from the community.

4. Excellent solution for mobile phones

We are talking about smartphones, cell phones, ordinary tablets with a built-in SIM card function or other devices to which you can connect mobile communications and the network. Magento is perfectly suited for e-commerce through mobile devices, so no business has to worry about any issues. Based on the platform, you can develop both a web application and an online resource.

5. Maximum scalability

It’s no wonder many people start out as a small business owner. But the goal is always the same: to expand it in the future. This is quite normal, because in the process of growth, you can not only learn to cope with new difficulties that appear along the way, but also increase your income and sales. Thanks to Magento, it is quite possible to support up to 500,000 products and more than 1000 transactions in 60 minutes. Setting up a platform without constraints is an important principle and a plus for the technology.

Let’s move on to a few features and mini-disadvantages:

6. High cost

Few businessmen who are just starting out in the market are ready for maximum waste. But since the platform is available in several versions, and even free, you should use it. True, for some tools and extensions you still have to pay. For example, Magento Premium Enterprise is relevant, for which you will have to pay money to use it. Certainly, it is more suitable for large businessmen.

7. A small number of web developers

Today, it is difficult to find IT specialists who would have an excellent knowledge of the platform. It is necessary to note that such technology includes a large system that can accommodate more than 20,000 files and more than 200 schedules and databases. If a web developer is oriented, he will be able to do the most difficult work, however, the price of such an expert will be high for his work.

8. You have to spend time resources

Working with this technology, one cannot rely on the fact that all business processes will be completed in one day. Even with a well-written technical task, to do configuration work, create a workable architecture, etc., you will have to spend enough time.

9. Accommodation

If the development of a web program (website or application) is implemented on the Magento platform, then the specialist must use a specific server dedicated specifically to this technology. But don’t forget the restriction that exists and will exist on Magento placement. The reason is volume and optimization. Hosting will need to be selected in this environment for the digital product to operate without interruption.

10. “Difficult” Web Product Support

Again, it’s a matter of cost. To support digital software based on this platform, you will need to invest financial resources. Only then can you hope and fully rely on the fact that the created web development will work smoothly and properly.

Dinarys specialized company is ready to support your Magento-based project and create a high-level digital product with the highest quality and efficiency.

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