Fiditalia Loans: Estimate, Simulation, Calculation and Rate of Fiditalia Personal Loans

Are you looking for a loan to buy a new car or to get married and buy a house ? No problem, for any need just rely on the company Fiditalia, a leader in the field of loans and present in the world of finance for more than thirty years.

The term loan refers to a transfer of money made by these various companies for all those people who need it, with the restitution of equal or heavy amount of interest. This company, regulating it as part of the financial registers and based in Milan , boasts five hundred employees. Moreover, it has over one hundred and twenty agencies in Italy, but the most important thing is the fact that it belongs to the Sociétè Gènèrale Group , ranked as the most important bank week in the world for capitalization in the European Union, chosen by more than thirty million people.

Services offered by the Fiditalia agency

This company offers several services and also allows the financing of workers who do not have a permanent contract, of course, offers services also to self-employed adult workers and retirees up to seventy-two years of age. It is possible to borrow money with a minimum amount of three thousand to a maximum of thirty thousand euro .

But Fiditalia grants, in addition to the classic personal loans that are aimed at the purchase of goods or for their own use , different types of loans such as: financial leasing to buy their own car and the various credit cards designed to withdraw the sum every day you need.

You will always be entrusted and supported by consultants with excellent interpersonal skills who will be able to advise you on every kind of problem and on everything you will need, as the company is staffed with a strong experience and with all the technological means avant-garde and sophisticated.

The various types of personal loans offered

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As we have seen, the company offers incredible opportunities for every age group and need. But let’s see more in detail what loans you can take advantage of. The company boasts three variations in the type of loan , first of all the one called “Fidiamo”. This is the classic loan, clear and simple with relative interest rates to have a sum of three thousand to thirty thousand euro to be repaid within the twenty-four and eighty-four months with the tan and taeg fixed at eleven seventeen percent.

” Multipremia ” instead refers to that type of loan that allows those who are regular in repaying it, a decline from the point of view of interest; it can be requested for a duration ranging from thirty-six to eighty-four months . For example, if you are punctual in the payment of all installments, the tan and taeg fall from about ten to five percent.

” Unika ” is aimed at workers with an open-ended contract and allows to request new liquidity if necessary and to pay the repayment network once a month. In order to obtain the aforementioned loans, it is sufficient to have a current account and to provide the IBAN code to credit the agreed sum and to present the identity document, tax code and health card to the bank. In addition, the income document varies from person to person, in fact for those who work will pay the last paycheck while for pensioners the coupon of their pension.

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